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Our 2-bin square sifter serves as the flour test sieve to sift stock in middle or small flour plants. It is made of steel, and has steel base frame. Also, it has motor base plate, sheaves and V-belts, 183KG rotator, 144 tip taps, 8 slings as well as 640*640 mm nylon screens and 24 wooden sieve frames with the size of 830*830mm. This product can be equipped with single-bin or double-bin. Also, it can be used as a flour checker. In conclusion, this sifter features high efficiency, smooth operation, and smart volume.

Type Bin Qty.
Frame Dimension (mm) Sieving Surface
Power (kw)
FSFJ 1×83 1 83×83 5.1 1.1
FSFJ 2×83 2 83×83 10.2 1.5
FSFJ 2×100 2 100×100 16.7 2.2

As an experienced 2-bin square sifter manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a wide range of products, including electronic wheat mixer, pre-cleaning drum sieve machine, scraper conveyor, plansifter, and more.

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